PLN research – Satellite session

Thursday 27 June: 10:30-12:00
Room: 211

Chairs: Pieter Doevendans (NLHI) and Pieter Glijnis (PLN foundation)

Ioanis Karakikes (Stanford University): “PLN R14del Cardiomyopathy: Disease modeling, Drug Screening & Beyond”

Francesca Stillitano (Mount Sinai, New York): “Next-generation models of PLNR14del cardiomyopathy, from human myocytes to humanized mice ”

Short talks will be selected from proposals submitted for a call for Crazy Idea projects to cure PLN disease.

Selected short talk 1: Renee Maas, Tom Bracco Gartner: Curing cardiac fibrosis in PLN cardiomyopathy

Selected short talk 2: Thais Andara Beuren: Metabolic signatures of PLN cardiomyopathy – addressing the phenotype variability