Microvascular dysfunction

Microvascular dysfunction in cerebral and cardiac ischemia:
imaging, diagnosis, pathophysiology, treatment

Friday, 28 June, 13:45-15:30
Room: 210

Chairs: Diederik Dippel (Erasmus MC) and Dirk-Jan Duncker (Erasmus MC)

Dirk-Jan Duncker (Erasmus MC): “Introduction: Beyond macrovascular disease: microvascular (re)perfusion.”

Chronic microvascular dysfunction, a systemic disease

Geert-Jan Biessels (UMCU): “Microvascular disease of the brain”

Ed Eringa (VUmc): “Microvascular Angina: a woman’s affair?”

Acute microvascular disease after intervention

Niels van Royen (Radboud UMC): “No reflow in the heart”

Ad van Es (Erasmus MC): “No reflow in the brain”