Evaluation 2018

Right after the 2nd Translational Cardiovascular Research Meeting we emailed all participants with the request to complete a survey about the event. 360 people were invited to the survey, 122 filled it out completely, another 24 completed it partly.

When asked “will you participate again next year”, 96% of respondents answered “yes”.

The participants are clearly more interested in the scientific sessions. On a scale of 1 (worst) to 5 (best), scientific subsessions scored 4,12 on average (compared to 3,94 in 2017). This has made us reduce the plenary sessions and reserve more time for subsessions and for networking (longer breaks).

The ease to get to the Jaarbeurs was rated 4,58, the meetings rooms 3,95, the catering 4,24 and the staff of the Jaarbeurs 4,26. To have the event right next to the main railway station of the Netherlands was considered a big advantage. We therefore decided to book the Jaarbeurs again for 2019 and take an option for 2020.

You can download the table with the questions here. Please note that in case of the subsessions there were sometimes as few as 12 people that rated it so such answers may not always be significant.