Room 217

Title: Novel approaches and insights related to cardiomyopathy

Chairs: Diederik Kuster (VUmc) and Eva van Rooij (Hubrecht Institute)

Michelle Michels (ErasmusMC): “Human hypertrophic cardiomyopathy: role of gender and genes.”

Anke Tijsen (AMC): “Novel RNA based therapies to treat cardiomyopathy due to LMNAmutations”

Selected Short Talks, DCVA Talent Grant:

Verena Schwach (TU Twente): “Insights into cardiomyopathy – By State-of-the Art CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing and 3D tissue modeling”

Simona Aufiero (AMC): “Minor intron splicing as a regulator of gene expression in the heart”

Jorg Calis (UMCU): “Tip the balance”: Full characterization of allelic expression imbalances in cardiomyopathies”

Martijn Wehrens (Hubrecht): “Zooming in on what drives HCM by allele-specific single cell transcriptomics”